Image of a live stream in process with screens.

Pint Size Media is a live streaming solution company that specializes in providing high-quality streaming services to businesses and individuals. Our platform allows users to easily stream live events, such as conferences, concerts, and webinars, to a global audience in real time.

Our streaming solution is built on the latest technology, ensuring that our users have a seamless experience with minimal downtime. We use advanced compression algorithms to deliver high-definition video and audio to viewers, even on low-bandwidth connections. We also ensure your stream can be viewed by almost any type of device that your audience may use, anywhere.

One of the unique features of our platform is its ability to handle large-scale events. Our infrastructure is designed to handle thousands of concurrent viewers, making it the perfect solution for events that expect high traffic. 

However, smaller scale projects aren’t out of the question. With live streaming we are able to reach audiences that are unable to travel as well as remove the need for a venue.

In addition to live streaming, our platform also offers a variety of interactive features, such as live chat, polls, and Q&A sessions, to enhance the viewer experience. This helps to create a more engaging and interactive event, which is particularly useful for webinars and conferences.

We have had the amazing privilege of showing our skills with Evotel, a fibre network operator, to live stream a community outreach program that would inform potential customers, through our interactive Q&A live stream, about their product.

If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-rich live streaming solution, Pint Size Media has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about the power of live streaming and how we can help you take your events, entertainment and communications to the next level by helping you tell your stories.

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