Being the spokesperson for your company comes with a lot of responsibility. Everything you say and do whilst in an interview with the media may be used against you and the brand.

Nothing is off the record. Saying so doesn’t make it so.

Here are 6 things to consider when preparing for your interview:

  1. The first thing to remember is that nothing is off the record. Saying so doesn’t make it so.
  2. Even your body language can work against you when speaking with a seasoned journalist. Crossing your arms, for whatever reason, may result in them describing you as uncomfortable or defensive.
  3. Speak English. This may be obvious but be careful of industry jargon and in-house phrases. Even if the journalist is a specialist in your field, it is preferable to keep things clear with straight language.
  4. Beware of negative language especially when given within a question from the interviewer. Be positive in your answer not repeating the negative phrase that was couched in a question. Be particularly aware of this when the topic of your interview could be seen as negative.
  5. The questions asked may extend beyond the topic of your interview. These could include questions about the industry in general or they could refer to trends and analysis. So be prepared.
  6. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Keep up to date with what is happening in your industry. Know what the trends are and what is in the news. Know exactly what was in the brief or press release sent to the journalist and most importantly know who you are speaking to.

If you would like training to prepare for your role as a spokesperson email Pint Size Media to and we will get back to you with a quote. Jon and Janet have years of experience with the media and can ensure that you are ready for your first interview.

6 Steps to Getting an Interview Right