Have you come to grips with what has happened to Facebook or are you still battling to figure out what to do to continue to gain traction with your audience?

Here we look at what posts you will now be seeing in your news feed on Facebook which is supposed to keep you connected with people, places and things you care about – mostly your friends and family.

Instead of brand information, the posts that you now see first are influenced by your connections on Facebook and your activity. Depending on what interaction a post has received and also what types of posts they are, will impact whether you see them or not. Which can be frustrating!

Posts that are most likely to see first in your feed are:
  • A post from friend or family commenting on a mutual friend’s post
  • A person interacting with a post from a publisher if the friend has shared it
  • Many people interacting with each other for e.g. on a video that they have seen on their feed
All is not lost, you can go to the down arrow on the top right of your screen and click on News Feed Preferences and adjust your settings accordingly. Alternatively, favourite some of the pages you really want to see all the time, or keep an eye on the News Feed option on the left menu.
What kinds of posts will I see in News Feed?

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