You know what you are doing and have been managing your daily life perfectly!
Or have you?
Here are 5 things to consider before you start looking for ways to grow your business and embark on a social media journey for yourself or your business.

Get organised! Being cluttered and disorganised can cause sensory overload, it makes you not sure where to begin. This is true of both the real world space and the digital space. Clear items in your browser or social media platforms that you are waiting to read – you haven’t read them yet, so you probably aren’t going to.
Clear your desk and get any outstanding filing down – you are going to make sure you do this every day, but you need to start with a clean slate.
Make a to-do list assigning importance to each thing that needs to be done and set a deadline. Once you know what needs doing, you can determine what needs to be done the next day. Do this at the end of each day, making sure that to put the items that were not completed on the top of the list.
Think about how you use your phone, is it on all the time with the notifications passing over the screen each time there is a new message, email or social media alert? Do you take your cell phone into a meeting with you and keep an eye on it whilst talking to the people you are meeting with?
Have you ever considered that this might not be the way to go?
Consider that you are addicted to your cell phone and if you were to change a few simple ways of using your phone, you would reap the benefits.
Switch off your notifications and check messages at dedicated times through the day, give attention and respect to those around you by not having your cell phone at the meeting, it’s amazing how much more effective you will be because you are not trying to do more than one thing at a time.
Doing more than one thing at a time, or multitasking, should not be a thing! Remove the thought that as a woman you are able to do more than one thing at a time. You can’t! It is scientifically proven that it doesn’t work, you may be able to do it, but it means that nothing you are doing is done well.
When you are working on a project, writing a blog post, or being creative – anything – switch off your emails, put your cell phone in a drawer or put it on airplane mode and focus on the one thing that you are doing. Complete each item properly.
Set a goal each day for what needs to be done, break it down into what needs to be completed and using the two steps above, get the job done. You can’t stop human interruptions but say NO if what is being asked of you is not directly involved in what you are doing. Set your boundaries and let the person know that you can spend time with them, or help them when you have completed what you are doing. Remember that means that you must complete the must reach goals for the day.
This seems obvious, but you need to look after yourself. Look at what you are eating and drinking and make necessary changes. Start a menu plan for the week, this will help you eat healthier food during the day and take the stress out of thinking what to do for supper at the last minute.
Most importantly, get sleep! Bragging about being able to operate on four hours of sleep a night isn’t clever, it only helps justify the practice. Getting by on little sleep causes brain fog and procrastination. Lack of sleep is not a superpower.
5 things to consider before you get started on the first day of the rest of your life

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